F. Andrew Deseran
Stev. 2084-L,  deseran@sonoma.edu


Forrest Deseran earned a BA in Sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a PhD in Sociology at Colorado State University. He was on the sociology faculty at Louisiana State University for twenty-seven years. From 1992 until 2001 he served as the Director of the Louisiana Population Data Center at LSU. His research has been published in nationally recognized journals and he was the editor of a book series for the Rural Sociological Society. His research has dealt with a variety of social issues, ranging from the effects of welfare reform on women's employment to the changing structure of the seafood industry in Louisiana. His teaching interests include social psychology, population studies, the individual in society, deviant behavior, and emotions. While at LSU, Dr. Deseran won awards for his teaching at the national, university, and departmental levels. In 1998 he was named an LSU Distinguished Alumni Professor. After he and his wife relocated to Glen Ellen, California, Dr. Deseran joined the Department of Sociology and the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies at Sonoma State University as an adjunct lecturer. While at SSU, he has taught Population and Society (Soci 381), Introduction to Sociology (Soci 201), Death and Dying (Soci 332), Social Movements and Collective Behavior (Soci382), Senior Seminar in Sociology (Soci 498),  Sociological Analysis (Soci 300), Emotions and Adult Life (Soci317), Social Psychology (Soci326), The Social Construction of Crime (CCJS 375), Social Interaction and Crime (CCJS375), Punishments and Corrections (CCJS450) Deviant Behavior (CCJS 441/Soci 314), Criminal Justice and Public Policy (CCJS 201), CCJS Guest Lecture Series (CCJS399), CCJS Research Methods (CCJS370),  and First Year Experience Seminar (Univ  102). When not doing research or teaching, he can be found riding his road bike on the back roads of Sonoma and nearby counties.